Road Trip Cars—Choose Your Wheels

As part of your road trip planner, consider the best car, camper van or RV to suit your needs. There are a lot of advantages to renting either an RV or camper van. First and foremost, you can store enough food for your entire trip. Both of our choices contained kitchenettes which were fantastic. You really do have a little hotel on wheels which gives you a lot of freedom. The advantage of the RV over the camper van is having your own bathroom. A serious plus.

The disadvantage is there are some roads you just can’t travel. For this reason, renting a 4 wheel drive truck or SUV has its own advantages. On our first trip to Monument Valley, we weren’t allowed to take our RV onto the roads through the 17 mile loop in the Valley itself. So on or next trip we went with a rental truck and got to drive through the Valley.

On one trip to Death Valley we rented a mustang convertible and loved driving around the Valley at Sunset with the top down. Particularly on Artist’s drive.

Depending on where you go will determine which wheels you should choose. If you’re staying in motels or some of the cool places to stay we recommended than your vehicle type may not matter. If you’re more of a camper than RVs and campervans are well worth the rental costs.

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Women Who Road Trip

Road Trip Vehicles

Cruise America

Cruise America at Monument Valley Utah

We rented a 19 foot compact RV from Cruise America and had a blast. As neither of us had driven an RV before, this was a great experience as the 19 footer was easy to drive and big enough for the two of us. It’s pricey though, particularly if you are planning on covering a lot of miles. That’s where the main expense comes in.

Truck with 4 wheel drive

Road trip chicks at zion national park

There’s advantages to pick up trucks on road trips, particularly being able to sleep in the back should the need arise. We’ve rented a Ford F-150 twice and the 4 Wheel Drive was great for some really rough roads. We love the unlimited miles factor at least from Enterprise…

Rent a Convertible

Death valley california in a convertible

We rented a mustang convertible which is a great way to really immerse yourself in the scenery. Just don’t drive in the sand. We know that’s obvious but mention it because we didn’t heed that advice… ; )