Road Trip to Moab

Arches National Park & Canyonlands

We’ve taken a road trip to Moab, Utah once in an RV and another time in a 4 wheel drive rental truck. The town of Moab is located in eastern Utah and is the central location for Canyonlands & Arches National Parks. We prefer Arches as it features spectacular rock formations that are enormous. Right outside of the National Park there is an abundance of outdoor adventures. We rented kayaks and opted not to go on a “guided tour” but to try it ourselves. This was a five hour journey where you kayak down the Colorado river, and can stop for lunch at a great outdoor restaurant right on the river, then . jump back in your kayak and continue down the river. We had the time of our lives and even got to experience a bit of white water. The town of Moab is full of rentals for adventure—ATVs, kayaks, jeeps, you name it, they have it. From Moab you are about an hour away from Horseshoe Bend which is definitely worth visiting. As trivia, this also happens to the film location where Thelma and Louise drove their car of the cliff.

There’s also a great restaurant right in Moab called the Sunset Grill, high atop a hill which overlooks the city of Moab with fantastic views, outdoor seating and really good food. Trust us, you will love a road trip to moab utah

Tips from Road Trip Chicks -Where we stay

We’ve rented a delux tent at Under Canvas Moab which we highly recommend. It’s a fantastic experience and we particularly loved the “make your own s’mores” around the campfire experience. They will even make you a packed picnic lunch if you want (for a fee of course.) There’s also a great little motel called the Inca Inn where we’ve stayed and the manager is known for his hospitality to his guests. Unfortunately the fantastic RV River resort we stayed at during our first trip to Moab has closed, but there is an abundance of RV parks available.

Road Trip to Moab Utah