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Extraterrestrial Highway Road Trip

Alongside Area 51

Yep. There is actually an Extraterrestrial Highway which is Nevada State Route 375. This may not be a usual road trip destination but it is worth checking out. This long desolate road (by no means what you would think of as a “highway’) stretches for 98 miles in the middle of barren desert terrain through the world renown Area 51. Well not through it exactly, more like alongside it. If you ever saw the movie Independence Day, its release marked the official designation of Extraterrestrial Highway by Nevada’s governor. This was held in Rachel Nevada (home of the Little A’Le’Inn which is a bar, gift shop, restaurant and motel all packed into one) with many of the cast of the film Independence Day attending.

Rachel Nevada is the landmark Little A’Le’Inn tourist spot. We’ve driven this road several times in pitch blackness as there is no lighting whatsoever along this entire road. If you stop to get out of your car you are in complete darkness making the stars extremely bright. You are also surrounded by total silence. It’s a unique experience and that’s really all all we’re going to say about that. Except… We want to believe. 😉


It takes several hours to drive down Extraterrestrial Highway if you’re starting point is Rachel Nevada, home of the Little A’Le’Inn. Make sure you have gas before heading down this long desolate stretch and if you’re driving it at night, as we have done, beware of cows who can wander out in the road. We were warned by locals about this because there are no fences to keep them off the road, and you don’t want to hit a cow going 55 MPH both for the cows sake and for yours. Expect zero phone and wifi reception out here.

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