Road trip chicks at Joshua Tree

Road Trip to Joshua Tree

Located about an hour from Palm Springs

Take a road trip to Joshua Tree! This is vast park in Southern California, known for it’s unique and twisted Joshua Trees.  Similar to Death Valley, this isn’t a park that closes at night, so you are able to camp within the park or visit at late hours. Joshua Tree is an epic photo location with great rock climbing (even for novices), and stunning sunsets. We highly recommend packing a few lawn chairs and a picnic so you can relax and watch the sun set out in the middle of nowhere. Upon entrance to the park you’re given a map showing all the various sites to visit so it’s easy to find your way.

We were very lucky to take the trail out to Barker Dam and find it full of water which is rare. This is our favorite trail in all of Joshua Tree as it’s an easy hike and has an abundance of plant life. You feel like you are walking through a bit of a prehistoric age. This is also the most rewarding trail if you happen to hit it at the right season where there is water in the dam and you can dip your feet into that cool water at the end of your hike.

Then there’s Hidden Valley which is also a favorite and 49 Palms trail, which is a little oasis surrounded by enormous palm trees.

But above all our favorite thing to do in Joshua Tree is park our lawn chairs in the middle of the vast park, set out a picnic and watch the sun set. It’s simply glorious and always the highlight of our road trip to Joshua Tree.

—Road Tip Chicks

Tips From Road Trip Chicks- Where we stay & other nearby attractions

There are a number of great places to stay right outside of the park as well as campsites in the park itself which fill up on a first come first serve basis. If you’re looking for a more “cush” place to hang your hat, then there’s a great bed and breakfast located close by called the Campbell House. See photos below .

Also a cool side trip from Joshua Tree is to drive about an hour from Joshua Tree to Amboy, and visit Roy’s motel, a famous (abandoned) location you’ve seen in many movies, and located on the the famous Route 66.

Joshua Tree Road Trip

Road Trip to Joshua Tree