Road Trip To Sedona

Red Rock Country

Sedona, Arizona is arguably the most beautiful small town in America. Surrounded by red rock buttes, sheer canyon walls, rivers and pine forests, there is an abundance of things to do and see. You can take a road trip to Sedona for spa treatments, shopping, art galleries and luxury hotels if that’s your thing (it isn’t ours), or you can opt for staying in a cheaper motel, hiking the trials and going for a bit more adventure which is how we planned our Sedona road trip.

Our favorite things to do here included hiking the many trails and taking all the scenic drives.

Tips From Road Trip Chicks- Stuff to Do in Sedona

The highlights of this trip were a hot air balloon ride at Sunrise with champagne and brunch upon landing, Night time star gazing with Astronomy tours where you sit in lawn chairs and blankets while a professional astronomer shows you Saturn and other planets through a powerful telescope, and last but not least visiting Out of Africa Wildlife park, where you can interact with many of the animals and/or take an African Bush Safari. Being hardcore animal lovers, what we appreciated the most about this park was that most of these animals were rescues from horrific situations (drug dealers owning pet tigers for example, or former caged zoo animals), and we found all the animals very well treated with large open spaces to roam, not caged or cramped as they are in so many zoos. We got to feed the tigers, pet the snakes, kiss the giraffes and help cool down the tigers with a water hose bath. Good times.

Photo Gallery Sedona Arizona