Tips for Road Trip Photos

Use a Tripod with Remote Control

People often ask who takes our photos and this is the simple answer—we do by using a tripod. Instead of asking people to take your photo (which we see a lot) one of the best tips for road trip photos is just get a tripod with a remote control clicker. You can find tripods that can fit any smart phone and most include a remote control. We particularly like to use this if we’re hiking or just want something super light weight that can fit in a backpack.

After you fasten your phone to the tripod, you can either use the remote control or set the timer on your phone camera to 10 seconds or however long it takes you to get in front of the camera. The only issue we had with this particular tripod was that it was so light weight it was not sturdy when the wind kicked in. So we grabbed a piece of wood to weigh it down which you see in the photo above.

Obviously some of our other photos are taken with a legit camera but we apply the same routine. You can purchase a wireless remote control that is compatible to your camera, use a tripod and you’re good to go.

That’s how we get our shots.

Wardrobe & hats

We usually take a plastic bin and fill it with hats, dresses, long scarves, boots or other props we think we may want to have to hand just in case we feel like using them. We don’t bring anything we wouldn’t mind losing or trashing. On our trip to White Sands New Mexico we knew we wanted to do a photo shoot in the desert so we went to the Goodwill and got a few great long dresses for about $20.00. As long as you wouldn’t mind trashing them, it’s fun to have options.