Road Trip to Monument Valley

Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley Utah is an iconic location you’ve seen many times in commercials, TV shows and movies such as Forrest Gump, Thelma and Louise, Easy Rider and Mission Impossible. Located in the Navajo Tribal Park on the border of Arizona and Utah, this is a location of such stunning beauty it takes your breath away. We’ve taken two road trips to Monument Valley and will most likely go again. The first time we were in an RV and the last time a 4 wheel drive rental. The only disadvantage to traveling here in the RV was we were not permitted to take it into the actual Valley, which is called the 17 mile loop drive. But if you chose to go in an RV or motorhome you can book one of the many jeep tours available which include Navajo guides. Or you can take a horseback tour. Our favorite place to say is the View Hotel and we rented a private cabin there with the most spectacular views of the Valley (see photos below) which allowed fantastic photo ops right off our own porch. Taking a Monument Valley road trip is well worth the effort to get there.

Tips From Road Trip Chicks

The View hotel is on Navajo land and has a fantastic view of Monumlent Valley. You can stay in hotel rooms in the main building as well as an RV park and also private cabins which are spectacular. Another place we stayed is Tipi Village. Not the same views but still a great setting where you can literally stay in your own Tipi or (as we did) rent out the Octgaon cabin. We gave them bonus points for their dog that accompanies us on our hikes. See photos below

Road Trip to Monument Valley

Raod Trip to Monument Valley Utah

Our quick panorama of Monument Valley, in Navajo Nation